Easter Sunday Date Egg 2019

Easter Sunday - Date in Year 2019

Date of Easter Sunday:April 21, 2019
Date of Easter Monday:April 22, 2019
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How is the date of Easter calculated? - When is Easter 2019?

  • Easter is a "movable feast", which means that its date is not fixed in the calendar.
  • The date is calculated according to the Lunar Calendar.
  • Easter is related to the Jewish festival of Pesach (Passover).
  • In Christian Religion the Easter is celebrated on the first Sunday following the first Spring Full Moon.
  • Even though Spring Equinox can astronomically fall on different day each year, to simplify the calculation of Easter, the Spring is officialy set to begin on March 21st.
  • If the first Spring Full Moon falls on Sunday, then the Easter will fall on the following Sunday.
Date of Easter Sunday 2019 is calculated:
First Sunday - following - First Full Moon - following - 21 March 2019
Date 2019 Lunar Phase Moon Sign Event
Thu Mar 21
FULL MOON LibraLibra 21 March 2019
("officially" set as Spring equinox)
Fri Mar 22 Waning Gibbous LibraLibra
Sat Mar 23 Waning Gibbous ScorpioScorpio
Sun Mar 24 Waning Gibbous ScorpioScorpio
Mon Mar 25 Waning Gibbous SagittariusSagittarius
Tue Mar 26 Waning Gibbous SagittariusSagittarius
Wed Mar 27 Waning Gibbous SagittariusSagittarius
Thu Mar 28 Last Quarter
Fri Mar 29 Waning Crescent CapricornCapricorn
Sat Mar 30 Waning Crescent AquariusAquarius
Sun Mar 31 Waning Crescent AquariusAquarius
Mon Apr 1 Waning Crescent AquariusAquarius
Tue Apr 2 Waning Crescent PiscesPisces
Wed Apr 3 Waning Crescent PiscesPisces
Thu Apr 4 Waning Crescent AriesAries
Fri Apr 5
NEW MOON AriesAries
Sat Apr 6 Waxing Crescent AriesAries
Sun Apr 7 Waxing Crescent TaurusTaurus
Mon Apr 8 Waxing Crescent TaurusTaurus
Tue Apr 9 Waxing Crescent GeminiGemini
Wed Apr 10 Waxing Crescent GeminiGemini
Thu Apr 11 Waxing Crescent CancerCancer
Fri Apr 12 First Quarter CancerCancer
Sat Apr 13 Waxing Gibbous LeoLeo
Sun Apr 14 Waxing Gibbous LeoLeo
Mon Apr 15 Waxing Gibbous LeoLeo
Tue Apr 16 Waxing Gibbous VirgoVirgo
Wed Apr 17 Waxing Gibbous VirgoVirgo
Thu Apr 18 Waxing Gibbous LibraLibra
Fri Apr 19
FULL MOON LibraLibra First Full Moon following 21 March 2019
Sat Apr 20 Waning Gibbous ScorpioScorpio
Sun Apr 21 Waning Gibbous ScorpioScorpio Easter Sunday
Mon Apr 22 Waning Gibbous SagittariusSagittarius Easter Monday
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